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Kinzua Bridge Foundation Meeting:
Thursday June 22nd at 5pm at
the Kinzua Bridge State Park
Meetings are open to the public.

New Visitors Center Completed


Visitors Center

Kinzua Bridge State Park Visitors Center & Park Office  2016

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Congratulations DCNR

The New Kinzua Bridge State Park Visitor Center is

This Kinzua Bridge State Park Office & Visitor’s Center facility has been a project for some years in the making with many dedicated individuals donating their time along with legislative support and DCNR employees, with one outstanding being our park manager, Mitch Stickle who has over seen the construction from the ground up. Yes, that is his job but he went above-and-beyond the job role. He accommodated the Kinzua Bridge Foundations concerns regarding our Commemorative "Brick" Campaign lay out with some 300 brick pavers that had to be relocated that are now placed right in front of the visitor’s center in the design of the “Pennsylvania’s Keystone State Symbol.” Mitch and the entire park complex staff are to be commended in helping to bring this visitors center to an existence. The Kinzua Bridge Foundation also acknowledges the construction company on a job well done.

Mary Ann Burggraf, Executive Director/Vice President Kinzua Bridge Foundation, Inc.

Kinzua Bridge Foundation’s “Sneak Peek” comments on our first visit to the center are as follows: Jerry Clark, President - The new Visitor Center is world class. If I had a magic wand and could wave it - that is how it would look! Great job to all involved.

Debbie Lunden, Secretary: The new VC has gone beyond my expectations with the quality and uniqueness of the interpretive displays. The size, design and layout of the building is perfect and it will provide an amazing visitor experience for all ages.

Fay Leet, Commemorative Brick Chair - It is the most awesome thing/place I have seen. I simply love all that they have done. Have been there with grandchildren twice since it opened and will be taking friends as they trickle into town.

Susie Chamberlain, Board Member - I was impressed with the displays that they put in the visitor center. I think it will be enjoyed by all the Visitors. Also I want to thank Mitch and all the DCNR employees for all their hard work to get this visitor center up and running.

Debbie Kilmer, Treasurer - The Visitors Center is just beautiful ! I never imagined that it would look like that. It is so hard to remember what it looked like before. A friend of mine told me that when she takes her grandchildren somewhere it is always "Don't touch this, Don't touch that", but the new Center says ""touch this and touch that". It is definitely a place for all ages to enjoy…

Tom Kilmer, Board Member - I really enjoyed it. The park has come along way since I started working there in 1972. I have been there twice and I still haven't seen everything. E.T. Kilmer

NOTE: Even General Thomas L. Kane echoed from the Kinzua Valley,

E.T. Kilmer said he was impressed” That says it all!!!

Come and enjoy our new Kinzua Bridge Visitor’s Center”

Celebrating Kinzua Bridge State Park 50th!

New Shirt

New 50th Anniversary Kinzua Bridge State Park Shirts!

Breaking News!


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19th Annual Kinzua Bridge Foundation Fall Festival members2016 New Shirt

2016 Kinzua Bridge Foundation members, L to R. Back Row: J.R. Rathbun, Dave Graves, Jerry Clark, president; Mary Ann Burggraf, executive director/vp Front Row: L to R: Tom ‘ET’ Kilmer, historian; Tina Hilmes, second vice president; Debbie Kilmer, treasuer; Debbie Lunden, secretary; Fay Leet, brick chair; Susan Chamberlain.

Click on Contact for members info & e-mail .


Kinzua Bridge State Park New Visitor Center and Park Office

Ribbon Cutting Visitor's Center


Dedication Ceremony - September 15, 2016

Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn today joined local legislators and partners for a dedication ceremony for the new visitor center and park office at Kinzua Bridge State Park, McKean County, in the Pennsylvania Wilds.

“Hundreds of thousands of visitors annually stop at Kinzua Bridge State Park to stroll out onto the skywalk and peer through the glass bottom observation area on the remaining half of the railroad bridge impacted by a tornado in 2003,” Dunn said. “Starting this fall that experience will be even better thanks to a welcoming visitor center with interpretive information to help them understand the history of the bridge, industry and the area, as well as the outdoor adventures that are possible in the park and the region.”

The visitor center includes 2,800-square feet of space in two exhibit halls and a lobby; park administrative offices; public restrooms; and classroom space.

“The Kinzua Bridge Foundation is pleased to witness another historic moment in time at the Kinzua Bridge State Park. This new visitor center and park office will house the mammoth history that has revolved from this historic engineering marvel, which was advertised as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ when originally built,” said Foundation Executive Director Mary Ann Burggraf. “Our sincere congratulations to all involved in the development of this superb state of the art visitor’s center.

Kinzua Bridge visitors center is the location for the first ‘PA Wilds Conservation Shop’ that will offer visitors items from local artisans and businesses, and materials that are branded for the region,” Dunn said, adding that the shop is a public private partnership with the non-profit PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship. Shop proceeds will support the ‘PA Wilds Center’s’ business and community development programs and resources.

Kinzua Bridge Foundation, Inc. will also place their (Kinzua Bridge T- Shirts, Sweatshirts, Sky Walker Youth shirts in the gift shop and the ‘Commemorative Brick Order Forms’

Proceeds from the sales of Kinzua Bridge Foundation items go directly back to the state park.

50th shirt group50th shirt


The 19th Kinzua Bridge State Park “Fall Festival” was welcome back with some 104 Vendors of Food, Arts & Crafts, Displays, along with great musical entertainment. Vendors were supportive in donating prizes to be given out through the 2 day event. 2017 will be the 20th Annual Festival which will be held the 3rd weekend of September Rain or Shine which we had both this year. Always Free Admission, plenty of parking, Trolley providing transporting to & from festival & visitors center. New events are being planned now for next years 20th celebration of the Kinzua Bridge State Park Fall Festival with the 3rd annual  "PA WILDS SASQUATCH CALLING CONTEST".







 Commemorative "Brick" Campaign

Be A Part Of History !


The Commemorative "Personalize Brick" is an on going fundraising campaign.   Orders may be placed anytime.  Just print and submit an Order Form

Certificate of Authenticity will be sent to you for your records. Purchase a brick with your business, industry name, organization, group, family name, etc. engraved on it for placement in the new pathway to the Kinzua Viaduct. Thank you for your support and appreciate all donations for the future development of the Kinzua Bridge State Park. 

Brick flyer

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We love hearing from our visitors. Please e-mail us to share your stories, experiences, and memories
as well as any comments, suggestions, or feedback you may have. We value and truly appreciate your input!



Commemorative Brick Program

Commemorative Brick Order Form




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